New Zealand’s Best Spots to visit by Campervan

The New Zealand Coastline at Mount Maunganui - Campervan Rental Shop

By reputation alone, New Zealander’s are one of the most friendly, welcoming and generous people in the world. Yes, there are many countries with similarly amazing people (that is not a debate at all), but when you combine the fact that the people are so very wonderful with the fact that New Zealand has some of the most exciting, breathtaking, beautiful and diverse lists of places to see and go, then New Zealand rockets to the top of our destinations recommendation list. So in this vein we thought we’d build a list of New Zealand’s best spots to visit by campervan.

Now given we have covered a lot of places to visit in our previous blogs, and in our list of itineraries, what we thought we would do is give you a short shopping list of places to go and overview of things to do. If you’re interested in learning more or visiting NZ, then this is the blog for you.

The Beauty of Pauanui Beach, Coromandel

Situated what looks like a stone throw far from the northern-most tip of New Zealand, Coromandel is a laid-back, picturesque part of New Zealand best explored on foot. Known for pristine beaches such as Pauania Beach (perfect for swimming or fishing) and the Driving Creek railway (a narrow, cliff-hugging scenic train ride) Coromandel is an excellent spot to park the Campervan for a few days and explore.

Bay of Plenty

A little trip down the road has to be one of the most beautiful parking spots for a Campervan, anywhere in the world. You don’t have to take our word for it, in fact we would challenge you to prove us wrong.

The New Zealand Coastline at Mount Maunganui - Campervan Rental ShopThe Bay of Plenty is home to Mount Maunganui a small mountain which, has at its feet, a beach with crystal clear waters, fine white sand, and the title of Best Beach in New Zealand. In fact, this beach is regularly ranked as one of the top 25 beaches in the world. Best of all, as a commercial and residential hub, there is plenty to do away from the water, whether it is golf, shopping or relaxing over food. Once the sun goes down, park your campervan at The Beachside Holiday Park and visit the various pubs and restaurants the area has to offer.


If you are looking for another camping spot (often referred to as Holiday Parks in NZ) near Coromandel, but want a space which is much less crowded, yet on the edge of a beautiful beach, then, Orewa is the spot for you. Away from the buzz of any city, and moving at its own speed, the coastline of Orewa stretches for around 3Km with the water a twinkling delight just across the dunes. If rest and relaxation, away from the hustle and bustle is your thing, Orewa is your must-visit place.


We have spoken at length before about Rotorua, so we will not dwell, but at the same time, it would be an oversight to not include it in this list of Best places to visit by campervan in New Zealand. What we recommend here is you park the Van at The Rotorua Thermal Park campsite, hire a bike (mountain bikes are probably best so you can explore up the trails in the are) and check out everything on offer here, from the thermal and mud-pools, to the Maori Cultural Centre. If the Maori locals do not make you feel right at home and like you are welcome anytime, we’d be shocked.


This tip is probably best for those of you who are University students or recent Uni graduates. Dunedin is a great university city, and a city alive with things to do. A highlight would be the Speight’s brewery where you can do the tour, and then, you guessed it, try a few of the ales. There is also the Otago Rail Trail which is a beautiful mountain biking area that has multiple trails, catering to all different levels and abilities. Park at the Dunedin Holiday Park and Motels and plan on staying for at least 2 nights if you want to experience as much as possible.

What’s on your list of must-see places?

We recommend a range of activities and places to go based on our own experiences. However, the beauty of the campervanning lifestyle is so much of the world can be your home. Whether it is a beach-stop, a city outskirt, or a rural parkland, New Zealand has so very much to offer, and we know we haven’t seen it all. If you have a list of places you can recommend, (or would dissuade others from doing or visiting) we’d love to hear from you. Please, contact us via our contact page, and we will be in touch to clarify, and then with your consent share it with others, here on our blog, giving you the credit of course. So, get your photos out, your thoughts collected and let us know what you would love others to know about New Zealand’s best spots to visit by campervan.




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